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Join NADMED webinar: HOW TO MEASURE NADS? Our CSO Liliya Euro introduces the latest findings in NAD measuring 4th of April at 2 pm UTC (9 am EST). Free registration by pressing the link here.   ▶ ONGOING PROJECTS IN NADMED LABORATORY ▸ Response of NAD metabolism to life-threatening conditions - NADs in intensive care patients ▸ Role of NADs in cardiovascular disease ▸ Changes of NADs in pancreatic and gastric cancer ▸ Effect of alcohol on NAD levels ▶ COMPLETED PROJECTS IN NADMED LABORATORY ▸ NAD metabolism in obesity ▸ NAD metabolism in long Covid ▸ NAD metabolism in non-alcoholic liver disease ▸ NADs in pre-eclampsia ▶ R&D IN NADMED LABORATORY ▸ Validation protocols for NAD+ and NADH assay kit for cells and tissues ▸ Developing a way to preserve home-collected blood during shipment ▸ Improving stability of Q-NADMED kit components for storage at -20C and shipment at ambient temperature

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Science Behind NADMED

After years of study and development, NADMED brings to market a reliable yet simple technology for extracting and measuring all four NADs and two glutathiones. The technology is based on an accurate colorimetric quantification that can be performed even from a minuscule amount of blood. The NADMED method’s key advantage is that it can measure metabolites individually, unlike any other method. The NADMED method is based on solid scientific research from the University of Helsinki.


The NAD metabolite extraction system developed by NADMED is the only method to measure all four NADs and glutathiones (i.e. REDOX metabolites). Also, the key advantages of NADMED technology are accuracy, high throughput, low cost, reduced hands-on time, and small sample volume.


The demand for a quick and reliable test method has rapidly increased over the past few years as researchers have found more links between NAD levels and various diseases. The lack of a reliable, quick, and cost-effective method was the driving force in developing a new technology to answer this call, which all started in the ASW Laboratory at the University of Helsinki, Finland.

Unlock the Secrets of NADs

NADMED has developed a groundbreaking method that significantly enhances the development of research and clinical care of many medical disorders, starting with mitochondrial diseases. NAD levels are believed to correspond with several metabolic and degenerative diseases. First promising results of using NAD boosters as therapy for Parkinson’s disease and mitochondrial myopathy have been recently published.