Key advantages of NADMED technology

1. Ability to measure all four forms of NAD and two glutathiones

Accessing all six REDOX metabolites helps one gain more information on the biology of NAD and glutathione than any other means, which is crucial to researchers as they can develop novel associations and predictive scores based on multiple biomarkers. Subsequent use of such data in clinical applications is expected to increase dramatically in the near future.

2. Throughput

The NADMED measurements are high throughput, enabling high-volume clinical and consumer services and studying even the largest clinical trials or biobank cohorts.

3. Low hands-on time (kit)

Measurements with NADMED technology can be rapidly performed. Whereas mass spectrometry requires an hour or more of working time per sample, the corresponding figure for NADMED measurement time is approximately two minutes, considerably reducing the personnel costs associated with measuring NADs and improving efficiency, enabling the handling of thousands of samples in a matter of days.


4. No need to invest in specialized equipment

Most clinical laboratories do not need to invest in new equipment to perform the NADMED measurement because common, affordable colorimetric readers suffice.

5. Accuracy

Results are accurate at all metabolite concentrations in all tested sample types. We have also created our own standards utilizing unique spectral features of NAD molecules.

6. Small sample volume

The NADMED measurements can be performed from a small sample volume (120 μL of whole blood), allowing for the efficient collection of samples from numerous individuals. These measurements are useful for biobanks, cohorts, and clinical trials because their sample material is limited and precious. Further, the small volume is valuable for animal studies, such as in mice, where the available blood volumes are small, and the sample is used to perform multiple analyses. Small sample volume is also a prerequisite for future at-home sampling.

1. Ability to measure all four forms of NAD and two glutathiones | Nadmed Ltd | The standard of NAD measuring